Sunday, June 30, 2019


05/24/2019 - 05/30/2019

Today is my Mom's 60th birthday!
As luck would have it, she is with us today (currently sleeping upstairs on the couch).
She's been at the house for the whole week and we've had some amazing quality time together.  
Our daughters just adore her, as do we, and we cherish the time we get to spend with her.
My Sister Maggie is coming over later and we're all going out for a nice dinner.

Break bread = family

My Mom raised us all on her own and always made time for fun and laughter.  We could always go to her to talk about anything.  A true provider, we never went without.  
We almost lost her a few times over the years to cancer and other various health issues, but we made it through, together.
These last few years have been the most difficult of her life, but we're making it through.

One summer, when we were kids, I was at the Meadowvale Town-Centre with my pal Murray.  We were in the Shopper's Drugmart checking out the toys.  This crazy woman from our building showed up and just grabbed me!  She started shaking me really hard and saying
"You are shit!  Say you are shit!"
Over and over again, she wouldn't let go and I couldn't get a way.
Murray booked it back to our building across the street to get our Moms at the pool.  
I'll never forget finally breaking free and running out of that mall, just ahead of this woman, scared to death that she was going to get me again.  I pushed through the front doors with her right on my heels and as the sun shone in my eyes I see a silhouette coming towards me.  It was my Mom and all her friends carrying their towels and lawn chairs, still wet from the pool.  It was a bad ass, slow motion Reservoir Dogs walk as they all came into view.  My Mom strolled up to me and put me behind her just as the woman came out of the mall.  
I wont repeat the things my Mom said to the woman that day, let's just say the woman was convinced to admit that it was her who was "shit" all along.
My Mom was so cool that day (and every day).
So smooth, so tough.
My hero.

This show is as much a dedication to my Mother as it is to my Brother.

This week I took off work.
My hands were so bad I couldn't even pick up my kids.  I needed the break from driving, and in the process, got to spend some amazing time with my girls and my own baby mamma.  We went to the Drive-In, celebrated the end of the school year, put up a cool little pool in the backyard and just hung out solid.  The week was sandwiched by two phisio appointments (it doesn't look like they can really help anymore and I have to go for x-rays next week and begin to explore other options), I also got my first notes back from Dana and we're meeting on Tuesday.
Mostly, I took the time to take my time.
I shared my writing for Blood with my Mom and she loved it!
+ Mom made us her famous Hamburger Gravy & Potatoes!
Next week, I'll go to work...


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