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06/03/2019 - 06/09/2019

To say things have been stressful since my brother's death would be an understatement.  I know life can be difficult at the best of times, but the timing of the unforeseeable series of unfortunate events that followed his passing have been downright cruel, especially for my Mother.
My brother had a "girlfriend" and when he died, she did a lot of bad things. 
I'm sure there is a special place in hell for her far worse than the misery she's created here on earth, but that's not for me to say.  My Mom wanted to sell the house she co-owned with my brother and split the money between myself, our younger sister Maggie and the girlfriend.  This is exactly what Harold would've wanted.  There are a small group of morons who would disagree and I hope they enjoy long lives in the bliss of ignorance.  Mom wanted to just get out from under it and share what little profits there might be (it's in Winnipeg after all).  The second my Brother was gone, this girlfriend went to work spinning up a big stinky web of filth like the shit spider that she is.  She lied to the funeral home and told them she was his wife and made arrangements for her own private viewing 3000 kms away in Calgary, very much against the family's wishes.  My Mom was recovering from an emergency hysterectomy at the time of his death and couldn't make the trip even if she wanted to.  My family offered to have him brought home for burial, but once his girlfriend took it upon herself to have him embalmed and put on ice for her own service, the only recourse was for me to go out west to have him cremated and bring his remains home.
She went on to quickly put something called a 'homestead' claim on the property, which only exists on the law books in Manitoba.  This blocked my Mom from selling the property or being privy to any and all notifications from the bank, which is quite unfortunate because the girlfriend stayed in the house, for over a year, let the mortgage and all utilities lapse and then fled once the property went into foreclosure.  It was only at this time did the bank contact my Mother, along with the hydro company and everyone else looking for their money. 
Including the lawyers that bilked her the entire time trying to remove the girlfriend from the house to no avail .
This woman even went as far as to call my Mother to tell her my Brother's spirit was with her!
She went into great detail about how he was speaking to her and through her and she knew exactly what he wanted and would be speaking for him now?!
This completely mocked my Mom's religion and added insult to injury.
She withheld all of his personal property and told our Sister that we were crazy and Harold didn't love us.

As the dominoes continued to fall, my Papa (my grandfather, my Mom's Dad) passed away.  My mom was barely able to cover the costs surrounding arrangements for him, but didn't have the same luck when, only a month later, his wife, my Granny, my Mom's Mom died too!  Mom had a hard time with these bills since she could not increase her credit limit due to the foreclosure on her property.  She still may lose her own home depending on how the sale of the Manitoba property works out. 
Not cool.
If you do wrong by my Mother = I hate you.
So would my Brother. 
You can scream your lies into an echo chamber of denial all day and bury your head in the sand but actions always have repercussions.
I believe this show will be extremely healing and therapeutic for myself and my family in the sense of closure with honour for my Brother.

On Monday I did not quit smoking as planned...
Instead, I smoked all day and, ironically, played an improv set with some friends that we call
"Hack a Dart"
I also guested on a set with a troupe called ASSFACE.
It was weird, such is life.
I stayed over at my Sister's place, she made us pirogues and we fell asleep on her couches before the show!
I spoke with a friend about how many men we know in the improv community that are creeps or date-rapists and pieces of shit.
(I did go to the gym and worked out like crazy + I ate salad!)
On Tuesday I spoke with Dana again and started planning our next session; looks like Thursday or maybe next week!
(I was sore as hell but I went back to the gym and worked out like crazy again!  No salad though, I'm looking forward to creating a regular gym schedule so I can figure out when my cheat days will be)
I had dinner with my Sister Maggie and we did not fall asleep!
Then I played the first show in a friendly improv competition with Pepperoni Pizza Cats at Bad Dog called Fever Pitch!
On Wednesday I was supposed to go for a follow up appointment at the physiotherapist...
My commute home took 4 hours so I missed that, dinner with my family, and a time when I wasn't at the mercy of traffic.
Spoke with Dana and scheduled a meeting for next Wednesday to organize our objectives and then I'm just going to write it all out!
On Thursday I got my dates for the show from the theatre!
Wednesday November 13th & Wednesday November 20th!!!
On Friday we buried my grandparents.
They were cremated and put in their family plot where their son (my Uncle) Harold was buried.
It was real.
Afterwards, we gathered at my Mom's house, where she lived with and took care of my Grandparents, to celebrate life.
There was a beautiful fire ceremony and my Mom said some very kind words.
On Saturday I missed my show with the Featured Players in the first show in the soft preview of our show 'Triptych'... traffic.
On Sunday I went to work.


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  1. I hear you laud and clear there is a lot being lost due to her actions a costly false love ❤️


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