Tuesday, October 8, 2019


09/30/2019 - 10/06/2019

I moved to Hamilton from Toronto 5 years ago.
I've continued to work in Toronto that entire time.
The two cities are 68.7 kms apart.
687 km per week
2,748 km per month
32,976 km per year
for a grand total of 164,880 km in 5 years
for my commute.
For the last 2 years, I've been driving an average of 30 km per day AT work on top of my commute.
That's another:
150 km per week
600 km per month
7,200 km per year
(x2 = 14,400km)
for a whopping 179,280 km driven!
(almost half way to the fucking MOON!)
11 hours per day on average.

I've driven a Volkswagen Golf into the ground and I'm currently doing the same to a Jeep Patriot.
A couple weeks ago, I accepted a new job offer for more money that requires ZERO driving.
The same day I accepted the offer GO announced 4 new morning and evening schedules of express trains to Union Station (right by my new office!).
I have 10 more shifts left in my current position and then I'll never have to drive to work
(or at work) again.


On Monday I went to work
On Tuesday I went to work
On Wednesday I went to the airport before work to get Kenny's phone back from the woman who found it right before we went on our trip to New Orleans!  I tried to buy her lunch but she insisted I "spend the money on the two beautiful little girls in the photo" on Kenny's screensaver!  "
On Thursday I played in Triptych at Bad Dog with the Featured Players.
(we had a really great time!)
On Friday I went to a Doctor's appointment with Kenny while Adeline was in school.
(Violet freaked out ALL the parents in the waiting room with how "smart and vocal" she is.)
On Saturday we celebrated Kenny's birthday and then later I went to Bad Bod to take part in the
On Sunday I was still in the marathon until 7pm. 
When it was finally over, I had chicken fingers and a beer and slept over at Maggies's place.


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