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09/16/2019 - 09/29/2019

The last time I went to New Orleans was 5 years ago, with my Wife on our Honeymoon.
When we were there we discovered that Nicholas Cage had bought the famous Lalaurie Mansion, once owned by the notorious socialite Delphine Lalaurie who also happened to be a serial killer who tortured slaves in her attic while entertaining guests downstairs.  We thought that was a strange choice in real estate to invest in.  
Later, we went on a tour of the infamous St. Louis Cemetery No. 1 to visit the grave of Voodoo Queen Marie Laveau. 
While we were there we came across an enormous bright white pyramid that took up more space than 10 other families tombs.  I asked the tour guide what the deal was and he told me that Nicholas Cage had purchased it and put it there for himself.  Then the guide laughed about how it was the last piece of property Cage owned after going bankrupt.
I thought it was disgusting, so I took a photo of myself giving it the finger and posted on Face Book about what a tool Nick Cage was.
A moment later, my friend Claire, who was at work on at a toy store on the Danforth back in Toronto, sent me a photo of her, in that very same moment, standing with none other than
 Nicolas Fucking Cage!

We just got back from our 2nd honeymoon in New Orleans celebrating our 5th wedding anniversary.
While we were there this time we went into a bar called The Abbey.  
We were in the Abbey 5 years ago and took a polaroid selfie, signed it and stuck it up on the wall. 
We looked around (this time) and sure enough, there in the corner of a picture frame was our own, newly married faces smiling back at us!
The world is a small place.
Be cool & be careful what you do here;
good or bad, it will come back to you.

On Monday I had the day off work and went to Bad Dog Theatre to meet with Dana Puddicombe and Kate Fenton for the first 'Blood' rehearsal!
On Tuesday I went to work and walked 25,619 steps (16.5 kms).  Then My Sister Maggie met me after work and we drove to my house, where she would be watching my kids while I went on vacation.
On Wednesday my Wife Kenny and I flew to New Orleans for our 5th Wedding Anniversary & second honeymoon!  We had a stop over at the Atlanta airport and they had a bar that you could smoke in!  We went to Port of Call on the Esplande as soon as we got there and got Monsoons to go that we got drunk off of TWICE!  We booked our tattoo appointments with Cameron T Sweet, the same artist that did our honeymoon tattoos 5 YEARS ago!  Then we had NOLA Poboys for dinner!
Kenny lost her phone in Toronto.
On Thursday we had chicory Cafe Au Laits & Beignets at Cafe Du Monde!  We walked along the Mississippi River and all through the French Quarter.
A woman contacted me to tell me she found Kenny's phone & we made plans to pick it up when we got back!
On Friday we went on a street car ride through the Garden District and walked down Magazine Street.  We went to an Absinthe Bar and later we ate the biggest pizza I've ever seen in my life! 
(we gave a couple slices away to some bums and some hotel staff)
On Saturday we smoked some cigars and went to the Contemporary Arts Center and had lunch at Auction House Market.  We had dinner at Cafe Amelie, it was Bill Murray's birthday, we were hoping to run into him somewhere, we did not.
I went swimming for the first time in years!
On Sunday we went to the Music Box Village and had our Anniversary dinner at an amazing restaurant called Gris-Gris!  
It was PERFECT! 

On Monday we had Muffuletta sandwiches from Central Grocery (where they were invented)!  
We saw a dead body on Canal street.
At night we went to a club on Frenchman street called Maison to see The Society of Sin do a burlesque show!
On Tuesday I had corned beef hash for breakfast and Bloody Mary(s).
I got to announce online that I'll be performing in Bad Dog's 24 Hour Improv Marathon, and to my Wife that it will be on her birthday.
We got our 2nd honeymoon tattoos!  I got a mosquito & Kenny got a shrimp. 
 I had an alligator hot dog for dinner!
We went back to Music Box Village and watched Dario Argento's Suspiria as Goblin performed the original soundtrack LIVE!
On Wednesday we had to come home.
We LOVED Hotel St. Pierre.
3pm-5pm is fresh baked cookies and cold milk;
Kenny's Dad picked us up at the airport, we got to see the girls before bedtime and then we hung out with Maggie!
On Thursday we hung out with our girls and went for lunch at our friends Erica & Jamie's new restaurant Electric Diner, then I went to Bad Dog and played in Triptych with The Featured Players.
On Friday I watched the girls while Kenny worked at Octoberfest.  
When they went to bed I finished the FINAL draft for 'Blood'!
On Saturday I watched the girls while Kenny worked at Octoberfest.
On Sunday I went to work...
(*I'm not exactly sure these things happened in this exact order, but they all happened and then some!  Including several things I can't mention here except for 100 Miller High Life's and about 10 bags of  Zapp's VOODOO chips!)


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