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07/08/2019 - 07/14/2019

If you're going to truly live and get anything worthwhile done on top of that, you'll need to accept it.
It's true that you can't make everyone happy all the time.  Somebody or some thing will always have to wait their turn while you spend time with someone or something else.  This delicate balance that is the key to life that you hear so much about is on the far side of impossible.  Starving artists complain, but I think they're the lucky ones!  I wish I could just starve for my art instead of either neglecting family and friends to find the time for it or forfeit the art altogether in favor of working some bullshit job just to pay the bills.  
Never give up.
You will do the things you want to do if they truly need to be done.
Nothing can stop you from creating your art except for yourself.  Stop blaming others and being miserable about your situation and start making the changes.  Don't feel sorry for yourself, there's no time for that, there's too much work to be done.  Circumstances and contextual obstacles are never going away, you need to pick your hill and die on it.
I believe strongly in the law of attraction that says what you want; wants you.  You have to believe in it and obsess over it, you have to know it will happen and accept that it's not your concern how, the universe will move mountains to bring it to you.
You will survive if you do without.  Make the time, make things happen.
Your people will understand and support you, and your art can, and will, have to wait in line for your people sometimes.  Failure and rejection are all part of the process and really do build character and perspective.  I'm not afraid to "fail" and I'm not afraid to "learn" from my "mistakes".  Successes will come and go through the hills and valleys of your journey, don't let them be the endgame.  Get right with who are, where you are and then the wins will be the icing on the cake.  It's true that you are bigger than your anxieties.  You are bigger than this whole world.  You are filled with beautiful and unique ideas, share them with the world in whatever medium you prefer. 
The best thing improv has taught me is to be in the moment.
(sometimes I think the only reason I keep doing it is for that constant reminder)
Do nothing begrudgingly;  be mindful and give your full attention to who you're with and what you are doing; always.
You could be in the nicest car on the nicest day and there will still be a jerk in a pick-up truck up your ass behind you.  Turn up the tunes and steady the course.  Drive it, at your own speed, right into the sunset. 

In the immortal words of Butthole Surfers:
It's better to regret something you have done than something you haven't done.

On Monday I saw my friend Nick Di Gaetano's show Unbridled Futurism at the Toronto Fringe.
Nick had a back up band behind him for his songs but it was essentially a one person show.  
I was truly inspired by how brave and carefree he was to truly do his own thing. I'm honored to know so many really cool artists.
On Tuesday I had a staff meeting at work then we were up all night with a feverish baby.
On Wednesday I stayed home from work (took some naps!)
On Thursday I finished most of the first draft of the show (- the full Intro & Outro)!!!
On Friday my Sister came over in the evening to watch the girls.  Kenny and I went to see the new Spider-Man movie then we went downtown for some drinks and stayed over at my Sister's apartment.  We want her to get the trial run over-nights in before we leave her with the kids for a whole week in September when we go away to New Orleans for out 5th Anniversary!  We all love my Sister SO much, the kids freak out when they know she's coming over!
On Saturday we all hung out for some fun in the sun and then I WROTE!
On Sunday I went to work...


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