Sunday, August 18, 2019

St. Christopher

08/12/2019 - 08/18/2019

One nice, sunny summer day my brother Harold, our Stepbrother Chris and I decided to go for a walk.  We lived in the middle of nowhere on the side of Highway 10 and the nearest store was at the Melancthon gas station a couple clicks down the road.  As we headed down the gravel shoulder we came upon a 24 pack of Kraft cheese slices.  I quickly scooped up the processed dairy product and began to unpeel the individually wrapped squares and roll them all into one giant cheese ball.  Next, we convinced Chris that he should definitely whip the orange softball at a passing car.  Chris, without hesitation, took the wad of cheddar and did exactly that.
We heard a loud thud and the screeching of breaks as the ball smashed into the side of a passing leisure van.  The van's cheesy mural of a viking had a thick, solid streak of cheese straight across it. like an orange line down the entire length of the van.  Harold and I ran across the ditch, over the field fence and hid in the tall grass. 
Chris wasn't so lucky.
The dude jumped out of his van and started freaking out!
He kept screaming and asking 'why the hell we would do that?!'
Chris was apologizing and told the stranger he would clean it off, at which point he began to rip tall grass and bobcat tails out of the ditch.  Chris attempted to clean off the mess but only managed to make it worse when he got the grass and stems and gravel all stuck to the cheese. 
The man finally gave up, but not before telling Chris he should 'kick his little fucking head in'.
After the van peeled away, we rejoined our Stepbrother in the cloud of dust at the side of the road.

Chris looked at us through the tears in his eyes and asked us:
"Why did you run away?"
In unison we said:
"Why didn't you?"

I think we all had a different idea about trust after that day.

On Monday I had the day off work.
On Tuesday Pepperoni Pizza Cats took first place in the FEVER PITCH competition at Bad Dog.  Now we move into the Semi-Finals tied for 1st place overall with Lavender Boy.
On Wednesday I tidied up the 2nd Draft of Blood.
On Thursday I was almost attacked by a young man with a pair of steel toe boots.
On Friday I brought my daughter to a Doctor's appointment and later we all tried to go out for dinner.
(technically, we ate)
On Saturday I drove to Trenton for a Celebration of Life party at my Sister Cassie's for her Dad Pat.
 I saw my Stepbrother Chris for the first time in 25 years!
(On the way there I saw a car hydroplane into the wall on the highway in the rain.)
On Sunday I went to work...

St. Christopher

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