Sunday, November 24, 2019


18/11/2019 - 24/11/2019

First of all. and most importantly, let me say
thank you.
Thank you all forever.
I'm not exactly sure how i feel about it all.
I think I'll be digesting and processing this experience for a long time.
I know I feel good.  We worked hard, sold out both of our shows and the response has been absolutely incredible.  I believe I could be talked into doing a short run at another theatre.
I believe Blood is good for people, it has a healing power built into it.
I'm proud of myself for creating and performing Blood.
Steve Martin said:

“Be so good they can't ignore you.”

I don't think this show can be ignored.

I remember when Hobo Banditos were planning our first album release party.  I booked Sneaky Dees, which was primarily a spot for punk bands, which worked out fine for us because I got our friends bands who were the biggest names in punk and metal around to open up for us.  The line up was so crazy that people had to come.  
We sold out quick!
*People started talking about how they'd just watch the other bands and leave when we played.
(*people who weren't fans of rap, our group or us)
Then we combatted those rumours by letting it be known that we were gonna play at a surprise time in the order so *people had to stay for the whole show and would inevitably have to watch our set to get to the other bands.
The next murmers that came our way were that there was a fairly large group of older local 'punks' that were planning on jumping us at our show and kicking the shit out of us.
We had so much back up that night, we weren't scared, besides, we always loved a good fight.
Show time came and we could feel the tension in the air.
The place was packed and security sucked.
We waited until halfway through the night and then jumped up to do our set.
All these morons came up to the front of the stage and started mad doggin' us.
We did our thing.
Hobos message was always righteous and true.  We were more DIY and anarchistic than any of the shitty Toronto punk bands, hands down.
We could see the crowd being won over as we moved through our set.
They began to unfold their arms and nod their heads.
By the time we were finished, a whole gang of full grown (mentally and emotionally challenged) men
who came to our show with the clear and premeditated intention of beating us to a pulp, were won over by the undeniable power of the truth.
They were all rocking out with us by our last song and joining in with the crowd chanting



I'd like to Blood out of town at a nice theatre where nobody knows me.
I'd like to do a run of Blood at a nice theatre in Toronto and hear what the critics have to say.
I believe in its' truth and it speaks for itself.
I'd like to do other original shows and be in other people's shows.
I'd like to make some films and write some books.
I'd like to get some sleep.

No dreams to speak of, just deep, black sleep;
for a thousand years.

On Monday I spent my last day in training for my new job.
Kate and I played a competition show at The Social Capital Theatre with our improv duo Mom & Dad.
(We won first place!)
On Tuesday I started my new job.
On Wednesday we celebrated Violet's 2nd birthday!
On Thursday we did Blood!
On Friday I went to work and thought about how great I'd be at being independently wealthy.
I took a nap at Maggies and then joined up with Pepperoni Pizza Cats to play a show at Comedy Bar.
(palette cleanser)
On Saturday I took everybody out fora big brunch!
On Sunday we put up the Christmas tree, had some hot cocoa and watched
Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer.

if you have any thoughts on Blood, share them on my FaceBook page:
Be as honest as you can, I'm not afraid of the truth.
Leave the show a review and/or just tell me what you think.

Who knows what happens next?


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