Wednesday, November 20, 2019


11/11/2019 - 11/17/2019

Blood was spilled.
We were ready.
Kate and Dana and I worked on this for a good long while.
They gave it the same respect and attention I did.
We crafted this into a piece of art and we we were ready to share it.
We were completely sold out online long before opening night and I even had to scalp a few tickets to my own show as a broker between those who couldn't make it last minute and those still hoping for tickets.  I still haven't fully processed the show.
I don't think I'm allowing myself to digest it until we're through the 2nd one.
I was in a strange and brand new state before, during, after and even now.
I distracted myself away from my feelings after the show by putting the focus on the old friends, new friends and family who were all there.  I just wanted to make sure everyone knew how much I appreciated them being there; it really did mean a lot to me.
The response was incredible!
Many wonderful people have told me many wonderful things about the show.
It moved people;
it worked.
 I shared my fears and nervousness around the show with Maggie in the weeks leading up to it.
She told me that nobody could deny you as long as you were telling the truth.
She said your show could be boring or brash but as long as you were being truthful and honest you would gain people's respect at the very least.
This put me at ease because I couldn't get more honest than Blood.
Kate directed me to bring Harold forward and focus on him.
My people come from the Black Irish Gypsy stock and I've learned a few tricks along the way.
This show is very special to me and my Brother.
Tomorrow is sold out again in online sales before the day.
The only spot we didn't give out is Harold's.

On Monday we had a rehearsal for Blood.
On Tuesday I was in training for work.
On Wednesday we had our last rehearsal for Blood.
On Thursday we did Blood!
On Friday I was in training for work.
On Saturday I was home with my girls.
On Sunday I was home with my girls.


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