Monday, March 16, 2020


09/03/2020 - 16/03/2020

I was hesitant to continue Blood any further than the first two initial shows.
It's a taxing piece and I was fully prepared to put it behind me.
A personal and professional success!
Lance Byrd, a hilarious comedian I know, told me that if the piece helped people, then I had an obligation to the theatre to continue it.  
He asked me:
"Who the fuck do you think you are?!"
He said:
"You don't get to just walk away! 
If your work helps people then you get up there and you do it!"
He was right.
(He usually is)
With Lance's words burned into my mind, I let Chris (Ragonetti) talk me into putting the show back up and began digging back into the work.
This time around I was working with my younger Sister Maggie as Director.
We were into a deep dive and it wasn't long before I found myself in a dangerous potential relapse situation.
All of a sudden, after years of sobriety, I was in serious trouble.
Trouble with the law, trouble for my Family, trouble for my work and trouble for my life.
I sought help immediately.
I sat in an hour long group information session where they told us our rehabilitation assessment dates were randomly being assigned in another room.  
The night before, I went to The Staircase Theatre in Hamilton with Chris to have a look around and speak to the booker about dates for the show.  When we were offered April 24th & 25th, I insisted we book the dates immediately.
These were the days between when my Brother died and when he was discovered.
It was meant to be.
The next day I left the medical centre contemplating an addiction and grieving counselling course.
Our group was met by a nurse in the hallway, we'd tell them our name and he'd give us our paperwork with our assessment dates out of his pile and tell us to have a nice day.  I took mine, folded it into my inside pocket and quickly found the appropriate room to piss.
Outside, I was waiting for the streetcar, when an eerie feeling came over me.
I looked around to see who was setting off my spidey-senses, but I was alone.
Or so I thought.
The sky took to a strange movement in all of its' thick greyness, and clear as day. I could hear my Brother's voice.
"Don't throw your life away over my death."
Of course, these were my own thoughts, but they were his words in his voice.
It shook me to my core.
I instantly took out my paperwork and right at the top of the first page, written in red sharpie was my random assessment date:
April 24th
The grey sky lightened, the sun came out, I got on my streetcar and went down the road.

We're all affected by this virus.
ALL the shows are cancelled now.
We don't know when or if things go back to normal.
A lot of people are losing a lot of money and the future is uncertain 
(even more than usual).
My show is very important to me and a lot of people, just like yours.
Everything happens for a reason and magic is all around us.
I believe this is a warning from the Creator.
We need to take heed.
Next time we won't get off so easy.
Please be careful and be kind to each other.
I'll see ya when I see ya.

On Monday...
  • Confirmed COVID-19 / Wuhan Coronavirus cases 110,288
  • Deaths from  COVID-19 / Wuhan Coronavirus 3,831
  • Top 5 countries confirmed reports – China (80,738); South Korea (7,478); Italy (7,375); Iran (6,566); France (1,209)
  • Top 5 countries deaths – China (3,120); Italy (366); Iran (194); South Korea (53); USA (22)
  • Stock markets around the world tumbled as Saudi Arabia cut oil prices to Asia. Dow posts the biggest single-day loss since 2008.
  • Israel says anyone entering the country must self-quarantine for 14 days.
  • Confirmed cases now in 95 countries
On Tuesday...
  • Confirmed COVID-19 / Wuhan Coronavirus cases 114,809
  • Deaths from  COVID-19 / Wuhan Coronavirus 4,031
  • Total confirmed cases worldwide, excluding China, is now 34,048
  • The whole nation of Italy is put under lockdown and quarantined. Schools are shut nationwide, Italians have been told not to travel, all public events are stopped, restaurants must close by 6pm.
  • United Arab Emirates closes ports to cruise ships.
  • Top 5 nations for death totals: China 3,136; Italy 463; Iran 237; South Korea 54; Spain 31
On Wednesday...
  • Confirmed COVID-19 Coronavirus cases 125,633
  • Deaths from  COVID-19 Coronavirus 4,607
  • W.H.O. declared a global pandemic.
  • India closed its borders. All existing visas will be suspended until April 15 according to the country’s leadership.
  • There are confirmed cases in 121 countries.
  • Angela Merkel of Germany warned that up to 70% of her country could become infected.
  • Top ten nations by death count from COVID-19: China 3,158; Italy 631; Iran 354; South Korea 61; Spain 47; France 33; USA 31; Japan 12; Iraq 7; Netherlands 5.
  • Global markets tanked again on fears of the pandemic.
On Thursday...
  • Confirmed COVID-19 Coronavirus cases 127,810 around the world. Global cases minus China – 47,014
  • Deaths from  COVID-19 Coronavirus 4,716.
  • Top five nations confirmed reports: China 80,796; Italy 12,462; Iran 10,075; South Korea 7,869; France 2,281
  • Top five nations death totals from COVID-19 Coronavirus: China 3,169; Italy 827; Iran429; South Korea 66; Spain 55
  • Saudi Arabia joins the US in announcing a ban on travel to Europe.
  • China says they are past the peak of the outbreak. Chinese experts predict the worst of the pandemic will be over by June.
  • Austria and Greece report their first deaths.
  • Spain’s Minister of Equality tested positive for the virus.
  • The Blood team met at Chris's place and decided to pull the plug.
On Friday...
  • Confirmed COVID-19 Coronavirus cases 138,608 around the world. Global cases minus China – 57,793 (10,000 more than yesterday.)
  • Deaths from  COVID-19 Coronavirus 5,083.
  • Top 5 nations confirmed reports: China 80,815; Italy 15,113; Iran 11,364; South Korea 7,979; Spain 4,073
  • Top 5 nations death totals: China 3,177; Italy 1,016; Iran 514; Spain 92; South Korea 71
  • The wife of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau confirmed she tested positive for the coronavirus.
  • W.H.O. says Europe is the new epicenter of the pandemic.
  • Church of Latter-Day Saints suspended all gatherings at their religious meetings worldwide.
  • Poland and Denmark are closed to foreigners.
  • U.K delays elections for a year.
  • Spain declared a national emergency.
  • Venezuela confirms its first two cases of the virus.
  • Ethiopia, Kenya, Guinea, and Sudan each confirm their first infections.
  • I announced the cancelation of the show.
On Saturday...
  • Confirmed COVID-19 Coronavirus cases 150,649 around the world. Global cases minus China – 69,825(12,000 more than yesterday.)
  • Deaths from COVID-19 Coronavirus 5,619.
  • Top 5 nations confirmed reports: China 80,824; Italy 17,660; Iran 12,729; South Korea 8,086; Spain 6,043
  • Top 5 nations death totals: China 3,189; Italy 1,266; Iran 611; Spain 191; France 79
  • Everyone entering New Zealand must now self-isolate.
  • Italy’s Deputy Health Minister tested positive for the coronavirus.
  • I refunded all the ticket sales.
On Sunday...
  • Confirmed COVID-19 Coronavirus cases 162,959 around the world. Global cases minus China – 82,110 (The number will be updated later today when Italy’s numbers are added. We will also soon have a post here at the web site explaining why passing 80,000 minus China worldwide by March 15, is very concerning.)
  • Deaths from COVID-19 Coronavirus 6,085. This number rose by almost 10% from yesterday and will grow a lot in the next few weeks as the length of time people have been sick in Spain and Italy begins converting from active cases to death totals.
  • Massive crowds fill US airports as US travelers from Europe return to the US. This contradicts the strong encouragement for “social distancing.”
  • The Vatican closed Holy Week to the public.
  • Spain is moving toward lockdown. Thousands of businesses shut down in France as the government announced non-essential businesses should close.
  • Britain is asking older citizens to self-isolate.
  • South Korea’s president declared the southeastern part of South Korea as a “special disaster zone.”
  • Kuwait launched drones among its population to encourage people to disperse for social distancing.
  • Israel closed cafes, restaurants, shops, and theaters.
  • Top 5 nations confirmed reports: China 80,849; Italy 21,157; Iran 13,998; South Korea 8,162; Spain 7,753
  • Top 5 nations death totals: China 3,199; Italy 1,441; Iran 724; Spain 291; France 91
On Monday...
  • Confirmed COVID-19 Coronavirus cases 182,368 around the world. Global cases minus China – 101,488. (The total confirmed reported case count increase over yesterday +11.9%.)
  • Deaths from COVID-19 Coronavirus 7,143. The increase over yesterday +17.3%.
  • France and Spain have sounded the alarm that their own health systems may soon be overwhelmed.
  • More people have now died from the virus outside of China than died within China.
  • The European Union is proposing that nonessential travel to most of the continent be restricted for 30 days.
  • Scientists who have studied the data coming out of China now believe that for every 1 case reporter, there are another 5 to 10 cases undetected. 
  • The EU plans to seal itself off from all international travel.
  • France ordered a nationwide lockdown.
  • Top 5 nations confirmed reports: China 80,880; Italy 27,980; Iran 14,991; Spain 9,942; South Korea 8,236
  • Top 5 nations death totals: China 3,213; Italy 2,158; Iran 853; Spain 342; France 148
  • The Canadian Prime Minister urges Canadians to stay home from the front lawn of his house where he is in self-isolation. 
  • I stayed home from work.

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