Sunday, August 4, 2019


07/29/2019 - 08/04/2019

I've seen them come and I've seen them go.
I wouldn't sell anybody out for anything, but that's just me.
I would never steal from a Mom and Pop shop and I will always go out of my way for a friend.  
When people take me for granted, it hurts my feelings deeply.  My brand of loyalty is very rare and I insist upon it in return.  I'm very patient, try to always give the benefit of the doubt and be forgiving.  All of that being said; when you cross my line, I'm done with you forever.  I'll cut you out of my life so fast your little head will spin and you will never get back in.

I've been working very hard at compiling the material for my show 'Blood'.  It's not easy to find any time with a full time job and two kids at home.  I'm lucky to have such an understanding and supportive partner who does everything they can to help me get my work done.  Going back through my story has been emotionally taxing and downright draining at times.  Other times, I've found wonderful and therapeutically healing rewards through the process.  I'm nervous and excited and horrified of this work and this show.  My director (Dana Puddicombe) is really helping me to see it as a performance piece to be shaped and controlled. 
At this stage, it's difficult to see how I'll get there from here but I'm eager to put in the work and do my absolute best.  I never would've imagined I'd be doing something like this, but here we are, just 3 months out from the lights. 

I know who my friends are and I'm eternally grateful for all they do.
If you need help - just ask, you may surprised who answers the call
(and who doesn't).

On Monday I stayed home from work and did some work around the house and a ton of writing.
On Tuesday we had a dinner party with Kenny's Dad and her Sister's family;
(My arms feel gross and uncomfortable.)
On Wednesday I was sad about changes being made in my work schedule meaning I wont be available to do some important things I was planning and looking forward to.  My wife will also have to give up her shifts at work which means things will be getting very tight for a while.  I can't wait to one day be free of other people deciding what will be happening in my life.
(I'm waiting to hear back about a job offer that would mean more money and no more driving.)
On Thursday I remained professional and didn't panic.
On Friday the new job I'm hoping for phoned my boss for a reference!
On Saturday we went to the Korean Night Market on the harbourfront in Hamilton and ate some fun foods.
Kenny and I celebrated our 12th anniversary!
On Sunday I went to work...


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