Sunday, November 3, 2019


10/28/2019 - 11/03/2019

When we were kids, Harold and I spent a very rare occasion on vacation with our Dad.
We were driving through the Rocky Mountains on our way to Jasper Park Alberta for I guess camping?  Our Dad had a Jeep and he had the roof and door off, we thought that was cool.
Harold shit his pants in the back seat. 
He was like 2!
Our Dad sent me to clean him up.
I was like 6!
I brought him to the washroom at a rest stop and cleaned him up.
When we walked out of the washroom we saw Bigfoot!
I shit you not.
Nobody ever believes this story but it's true!
I don't lie, I speak the truth.
We could smell the funky stank first and when we looked up, he was standing just inside the tree line.
He was just looking at us looking at him.
That's it.
That's the whole story.
We saw Bigfoot.
What kind of Dad sends his 6 year old to clean up his 2 year old?
What a prick.

On Monday I was back in training LATE 10 minutes!
On Tuesday I was back in training LATE 20 minutes!
After training I rehearsed Blood with Kate. 
I had a Pizza Cats gig but had to cancel last minute.
On Wednesday we celebrated Adeline's actual birthday;
6 years old!
On Thursday it was Halloween!
We were The League of Mythical Creatures.
The League of Mythical Creatures
-Adeline = a Magical Fire Breathing Dagon
-Violet = A Mysterious Liger
-Kenny = The Elusive Jackalope
-Joe = The Alpha & Omega Notorious G.O.D.
The weather was crap but we made it around the block and 'the kids' got a lot of candy!

A LOT of people gave out plain chips this year?!
Later, we left the kids with Kenny's Dad (Ken) and went to see Joker again!
We enjoyed the film, uninterrupted and would see it again.  
Jaoquin Phoenix for the Oscar!
On Friday it was my birthday!
After training I had steak dinner and cheesecake at home with my girls!
I got my traditional hand made cards and had a lovely time with my family.
I'm very lucky.
On Saturday we ran our tech rehearsal for Blood at the theatre.
It was exciting and kind of emotional to realize how close the show is now.
On Sunday I cleaned my office and drank some wine.


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